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The Particulars of Organisation (Ministry of Steel), Functions and Duties

The Ministry of Steel is headed by a Minister of Cabinet rank assisted by a Minister of State; assisted by a Secretary to the Government of India, an Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser to the Government of India, a Chief Controller of Accounts, three Joint Secretaries, three Directors, five Deputy Secretaries, other officers and supporting staff. There is also a Technical Wing, to advise on quality standards and R&D Projects.

The main functions of the Ministry of Steel are:

  • Coordination of the data from various sources for the growth of the iron and steel industry (including Re-rolling Mills, Alloy Steel and Ferro Alloy industries, Refractories) both in Public and Private Sectors;
  • Formulation of policies in respect of production, pricing, distribution, import and export of iron & steel and ferro alloys;
  • Planning and development of and assistance to the entire iron and steel industry in the country; and
  • Development of input industries relating to iron ore, manganese ore, refractories, etc required mainly by the steel industry.

Admn (General) Section deals with the following activities:
  1. General Office Administration:
    1. Care-taking of the Department
    2. Entertainment and Hospitality
    3. Office Accommodation and Maintenance of cleanliness in the premises
    4. Protocol Work
    5. Welfare
    6.  Issue of service postage stamps.
  2. Office Equipment & Maintenance Thereof:
    1.  Furniture (wooden & steel) and fixtures.
    2.  Heaters, heat convectors, water coolers, air-coolers, air- conditioners, table & ceiling fans.
    3.  Staff cars, Motor cycles and bicycles.
      iv. Stationery & Printing.
    4. Telephones (including intercom)
    5.  Telex, typewriters, calculators, electronic typewriters,Photocopying machines & Fax machine.
    6.  Modernisation of offices - scheme of Deptt. of A.R
    7.  Administration of unserviceable stock
  3.  Personal Requirements of Staff:
    1. Accommodation - Residential
    2. Air-Travel - Arrangements for
    3.  CGHS Cards - Issue thereof
    4. Identity Cards (Ministry of Home Affairs and Defence) requisition and issue thereof.
    5.  Issue of liveries and other items to eligible Group C and D Staff
    6.  vMedical reimbursement claims under CS(MA)Rules and CGHS Rules
  4. Civil Defence
  5.  Departmental Security.
  6. Administration of Receipt and Issue Section(including Night Duty and Resident Clerk arrangement), maintenance of list of residential addresses of officials.
  7.  Issue of various items of contingencies to the officers/officials of the Ministry

BUDGET SECTION (As on 19.07.2017)

Budget Section deals with the following activities:

  1. Scrutiny and finalization of Statement of Budget Estimates of the Ministry.
  2. Preparation & finalisation of yearly plan outlays of PSUs in consultation with Ministry of Finance.
  3. Monitoring and review of CAPEX and IEBR of PSUs.
  4. Scrutiny and finalisation of proposals for Supplementary Demands for Grants.
  5. Review of progress of expenditure vis-à-vis budget provisions.
  6. Re-appropriation and surrender of funds.
  7. Provisioning of budgetary support for Public Sector Undertakings.
  8. Preparation of material for Finance Minister’s Budget Speech.
  9. Preparation of Detailed Demands for Grants.
  10. Scrutiny & preparation of Budget Estimates/Revised Estimates of loans and advances to Government servants.
  11. Matters relating to Gender Budgeting.

  1. All Board level Appointments – Functional/Government/Independent (including CMDs/MDs/ Directors) - of all CPSEs of Ministry of Steel
  2. Administrative matters viz pay fixation, confirmation, extension, additional charge arrangements etc of the Board level officers of the CPSEs of Ministry of Steel


Cash Section deals with the following activities:

  1. Preparation of Monthly Pay Bills

  2. Posting of entries of all types of bills including Pay Bill Register.

  3. Preparation of OTA Bills.

  4. Preparation of LTC Bills.

  5. Preparation of TA, Transfer TA, Pay Advance Bills etc.

  6. Preparation of Festival Advance, Cycle, Table Fan, Scooter, Motor Car Advance etc.

  7. Disbursement of Salary/wages and other cash payments & cheques.

  8. Preparation of Contingent bills(Office Expenses, Wages, Hospitality, other charges, Prof. & Spl. Services Minor works etc.)

  9. Preparation of Bills on Account of Loans, Investments & Grant-in-aid to Public Sector Undertakings.

  10. Preparation of contingent Advance Bill for purchase of Postage stamps.

  11. Preparation of Honorarium/Cash Awards/Special increment bills/Medical reimbursement bills etc.

  12. Passing of conveyance vouchers & preparation of Conveyance Bill.

  13. Reconciliation of accounts with that of PAO (Steel).

  14. Settlement of Air passages invoices.

  15. Issue of Pay Certificates/Pay Slips/LPCs.

  16. Calculation of Income Tax in respect of Officers & Staff.

  17. Preparation of GPF Advance/Withdrawal Bills.

  18. Maintenance of GPF Accounts of Officers and Staff & issue of Annual GPF Statement.

  19. Preparation of DCRG, Leave Encashment, CGEIS Bills.

  20. Submission of reports and returns (Expenditure – Sectt. Proper).

  21. Preparation of replies to Parliament Questions to the extent expenditure incurred on domestic/foreign tour of Officers/Ministry of Steel

  22. Maintenance of accounts of Share Certificates of all PSUs.

  23. Issue of GPF Annual Statements.

  24. Issue of TDS Certificates to Officers & Staff.

  25. Preparation of TA/Salary bill/ Air travel bills of Minister to be submitted to Cabinet Sectt. for payment.


Coordination Section deals with the following activities:

  1. Coordination Section will function as a General Coordination Section for the Department dealing with all matters requiring coordination in respect of the subjects allotted to various Sections/Desks
  2. Matters requiring coordination in the Ministry of Steel in respect of the following:
    • Monitoring of progress in the implementation of cabinet decisions and on policy matters.
    • Monthly Report to the Cabinet Secretary in the form of D.O. from Secretary(Steel).
    • Preparation of monthly summary for the Cabinet Sectt. for Ministry of Steel.
    • Comments on Drafts Cabinet Notes received from other Ministries/Deptts.
    • Preparation of material including Executive Summary for Secretary (Steel) for monthly meeting with Senior Officers.
    • Preparation of material for meeting of Secretary with Industry Associations and a few Public Sector Undertakings under Ministry of Steel.
    • Material for President's Address to Parliament.
    • Quarterly Report on Performance of Public Sector Enterprises.
    • Citizen’s Charter in respect of Ministry of Steel.
    • VIP references requiring coordination between Sections / Desks
    • Quarterly report on non-payment of statutory dues to workers employed in Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) of Ministry of Steel
    • Performance Aims and Financial Targets and Action Plans of Public Sector Undertakings of Ministry of Steel
    • All Apprenticeship training programme/orders from Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) on the subject.
    • Rules and Regulations / Ordinance /Bills / Acts.
    • Monthly report on ACC proposals to be updated on Department of Personnel and Training ‘s ( DPT’s ) website
    • Monitoring of Personnel matters
    • Preparation of Induction Note for Minister/Secretary.
    • Welfare of Physically handicapped.
    • Welfare of Ex-Servicemen.
    • Other Social Welfare Schemes.
    • Grievance redressal machinery (other than addressed to Steel Minister)
    • Coordination of Government orders/instructions relating to Public Sector Enterprises issued by various agencies from time to time. e.g. D.P.E., M/o Labour and M/o Home Affairs etc. (Except Ministry of Finance).
    • General matters relating to Public relations and publicity in Public Enterprises.
    • Preparation of Annual Report of Ministry of Steel.
    • Parliamentary Questions/Assurances of other Ministries/ Departments pertaining to Ministry of Steel as a whole and Parliamentary Committees
    • Parliament Questions pertaining to Ministry of Steel requiring coordination between Sections / Desks
    • Work relating to SC/ST/Ex-Servicemen/OBCs
    • Welfare incentives and Sharam Awards given by Prime Minister
    • Publicity/Exhibition/Training etc.
    • Zonal Councils
    • Departmental Record Room
    • Labour Problems
    • Forwarding of materials for publication in the “Reference Annual India”.
    • Participation of the Ministry in the India International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.
    • Preparation of Tablue for Republic Day Parade.
    • Other miscellaneous matters

Economic Division
  1. Preparation of draft Monthly DO letter from Secretary (Steel) to Cabinet Secretary
  2. To explore the possibility of developing Base Level Reserves for steel CPSEs.
  3. Preparation and issue of Monthly Summary on Steel Sector.
  4. Updation of e-Samiksha portal of Cabinet Secretariat in respect of Ministry of Steel.
  5. Monitoring Techno-economic parameters of Steel PSUs

  1. Acquisition of Books
    1. Requisition and recommendations
    2. Books received on approval
    3. Ordering and purchase of books
    4. Receipt and verification of books
    5. Bill passing procedure
  2. Accessioning Work
    1. Enter books in accession register
    2. Stamping/Label pasting/label writing and assigning location mark.
    3. Shelving of books.
  3. Processing Work: Technical Process Classification of books

  4. Acquisition of Periodicals, Journals, Newspapers
  5. Circulation Work (Issue and Return)
    1. Circulation of Newspapers to officers/Sections/Desks including SMM
    2. Circulation of magazines, journals to all officers of Ministry of Steel.
    3. Issue and return of books
    4. Reservation of books
    5. Renewal of books
  6. Reimbursement of Newspapers charges to all eligible officers (Sos and above).
  7. Inter Library loan work
  8. Follow up – Sending reminders/(written or by telephone, for overdues).
  9. Reference Service – The queries received from officers/staff.

Steel Development (Institutes) Division

Steel Development (Institute) Division deals with the matters related to:-

  • Joint Plant Committee (JPC)
  • Economic Research Unit (ERU)
  • Biju Patnaik National Steel Institute (BPNSI)
  • National Steel Institute of Secondary Steel Technology (NISST)
  • Steel Consumers’ Council (SCC)
  • Steel Development Fund (SDF)
  • Parliament Questions/RTI/grievances (CPGRAM portal)


Desk-II in SC Wing dealt with the following items of work:

  1. Exports all matters relating to exports of Iron and Steel including supply of iron and steel for exports production.
  2. Imports: All matters relating to Formulation and amendment of Import and Export Policy for Iron and Steel other than ferrous melting scrap, sponge iron, Hot Briquetted Iron, old ships for breaking, ferro alloys. iImport-Export duty structure on iron and steel including alloy steel, stainless steel and ferrous melting scrap, sponge iron/Hot briquetted iron and old ships for breaking.
  3. Excise Duty on Iron and Steel items other than melting scrap, sponge iron, HBI, old ships for breaking and Ferro Alloys.
  4. To monitor the open market prices of important categories of steel and pig iron etc.
  5. Work relating to the UNDP/GEF Project


The following items of work are dealt with in DCI&S Cell:

  1. Policy matters and supply of Iron and Steel (including pig iron and tin plates etc.) to Priority Sector namely Defence, Railways, SSICs, NSIC and Associations, Exporters of Engineering Goods and North Eastern Region.
    1. Periodical review of the Iron and Steel Allocation Policy.
    2. Ascertaining the demand of SSI units through SSI Corporations NSIC for their raw material i.e. Iron and Steel items.
    3. Examination and scrutiny of the demand of the SSICs for allocation of Iron and Steel material.
    4. Ascertaining the availability of iron and steel items from the main producers.
    5. Allocation of the iron and steel items to the SSICs, NSIC on the basis of demand, availability received from main producers and past performance of SSICs.
    6. Monitoring the performance of the SSICs/NSIC on the basis of quarterly utilization certificates submitted by the SSICs/NSIC.
    7. Creation of database in the DC Cell in respect of SSICs/NSIC for their performance.
    8. Arrangement for the periodical review meetings in order to solve the problems of the SSICs/NSIC and Main Producers.
    9. Arrangement for the periodical SSI Co-ordination Committee meetings to resolve the problem of the SSI Associations and units.
  2. Central Board of Traffic (CBT) – To take up the problems of the Steel Industry regarding transportation of iron and steel items and their raw material with Ministry of Railways.
  3. Allocation of slack/steam coal to steel industry.
  4. All matters relating to Administration/Establishment of DCI&S Organisation Allocation of Budget, Court Cases, redeployment of surplus staff etc. (transferred from Desk I to DCI&S Cell.)
    1. 88 court cases relating to settlement of import subsidy claims are pending at Kolkata High Court at various stages.
    2. Compensation work regarding 774 cases of acquisition of IISCO’s shares and 12 cases reg. Acquisition of Assam Silimanite Shares are pending.
    3. All Audit matters (Draft Audit Para/Para, Inspection Report, CAG’s Report etc.) in respect of DCI&S Organisation including its 4 regional offices.
    4. Grievance cases, service matters etc. in respect of DCI&S Organisation and its 4 regional offices.


EstablishmenEstablishment Section deals with all matters relating to the following items of work:

  1. Creation, upgradation and continuance of posts.
  2. Appointments direct recruitment, including Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) and Deputations and Assured Carrier Progression Scheme (ACPs).
  3. Postings and transfers.
  4. Grant of all kinds of regular leave.
  5. Pay fixation and grant of increments.
  6. Recruitment rules in respect of all categories of posts controlled by the Ministry.
  7. Training of Officials.
  8. Foreign assignment. .
  9. Maintenance of Service records of officers and staff working on regular capacity.
  10. Maintenance of Confidential Reports of all officers and staff.
  11. Grant of GP Fund Advance/ Withdrawals.
  12. Traveling Allowance and LTC.
  13. All kinds of regular advances.
  14. Scrutiny of nominations.
  15. Circulation of various instructions of nodal Ministries relating to Estt. matters.
  16. NOC for the Passports.
  17. All matters relating to reservations of Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribe/Other Backward Classes/Physically Handicapped.
  18. Pension cases.
  19. Disciplinary cases.
  20. Intimations given by officials under the Conduct Rules.
  21. Forwarding of applications for outside employment.
  22. Permission for higher studies.
  23. Deployment of personnel for election duty.
  24. Issue of Seniority Lists.
  25. Secretariat's budget.
  26. Office Council Meeting.
  27. Issue of verification certificates/No Objection Certificate for Passports to officials of this Ministry.
  28. Maintenance of Casual Leave applications of Group 'A' Officers, PSs, PAs, Stenographers and Peons.
  29. Attendance checks and follow up action.
  30. Allocation of work.
  31. Action of Economic Reform Commission (ERC) report.
  32. Computerisation of employees details, establishment rules, etc.
  33. Periodical Returns relating to Estt. matters.
  34. Quami Ekta Week/ Sadhbawana Diwas etc.
  35. Invitation cards for Republic and Independence Day.
  36. VIP references and Parliamentary references/questions relating to establishment matters of Ministry of Steel.
  37. Civil List of the Central Secretariat Services (CSS).
  38. Communication of vacancies of the Central Secretariat Clerical Services (CSCS), Central Secretariat Services (CSS) and Central Secretariat Stenographers Services (CSSS) to the DOPT for obtaining nominations.
  39. Approval of extension of ad-hoc appointment from DOPT.
  40. Material for Annual Report.
  41. Women Harassment.
  42. Issue of I-Card to Pensioners.
  43. Any other miscellaneous matter connected with the establishment work.

Finance Section deals with proposals relating to the following items of work

  1. Creation/Abolition/Continuation of Posts.
  2. Delegation of Powers.
  3. Establishment/Expenditure proposals.
  4. Formation/Creation/Take over of new companies/subsidiary.
  5. Project estimates.
  6. Revised Capital Cost estimates.
  7. Misc. cases involving interpretation of rules/regulations and financial advice etc.
  8. Pay-revision, pay fixation cases and other misc. administrative matters of PSUs.
  9. Projects/Schemes.
  10. Deputation/Delegation of officials abroad and release of Foreign Exchange in that connection.
  11. Examination of MOUs in respect of PSUs under Ministry of Steel.
  12. Matters related to Govt. Guarantees.
  13. Scrutiny and finalisation of proposals regarding financial restructuring, financial reliefs etc. to PSUs under MOS.
  14. Economy in Government Expenditure.
  15. Financial analysis of capital schemes.

  1. Hindi Salahkar Samiti of Ministry of Steel
  2. Committee of Parliamentary on Official Language
  3. Central Official Language Implentation Committee.
  4. Official Language Implementation Committee of Ministry of Steel and PSUs under the Ministry.
  5. Promotional Scheme for writing original books in hindi on scientific and technical subjects relating to Steel.
  6. Implementation of the Aannual Programme issued by the Department of Official Language.
  7. Shield/Troffy schemes for Section/Desks/Officials of the Ministry and PSUs under the Ministry.
  8. Conduct of various events/competitions during hindi Fortnight.
  9. Inspection of various Sections/Desks of Ministry of Steel and PSUs under the Ministry.
  10. Promotional Schemes for Noting/Drafting/Dictation in hindi.
  11. Quarterly Progress Reports on progressive use of Hindi of Ministry of Steel and PSUs under the Ministry.
  12. Annual Evaluation Report of Ministry of Steel and PSUs under the Ministry.
  13. Allowances for Hindi Typing/Hindi Stenography in addition to English typing/English Stenography.
  14. Monthly review of correspondence in Hindi done by sections/Desks of the Ministry.
  15. Conduct of workshops on Hindi for Officials of the Ministry.
  16. Hindi Teaching Scheme.
  17. General Translation work for different Sections in the Ministry.
  18. Audit Para, Parliament Questions and ATN on various Committes etc.


Industrial Development (ID) Wing deals with all matters relating to the sponge iron, pig iron & Induction Furnace (IF) & Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)/EDF/Corex based steel plants, hot rolling units of non-flat products. Cold rolled flat products, wire-drawing units in private sectors covering broadly the following items:

  1. Recommendations for approval or rejection of application for Industrial License (IL)/Carry On Business (COB).

  2. Servicing of existing licenses i.e. change of name, extension of leases etc.
  3. Application for extension of validity of letter of intent in restricted location.
  4. Application for conversion of LOI into IL in restricted location.
  5. Recommendations for import of technology & Foreign Direct Investment by existing/new units in private sector.
  6. Amendments of Financial Collaboration (FC).
  7. Recommendations of proposals for foreign investment.
  8. Recommendations of proposal for setting up Iron & Steel and Steel processing units under 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU) Scheme.
  9. Recommendations of proposals for import of capital goods under EPCG Scheme & amendments in the import licenses etc.
  10. Processing of Bureau of Industrial Finance and Reconstruction (BIFR) cases etc.
  11. Policy relating to Industrial Licensing.
  12. Information regarding Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum.
  13. Review/Monitoring of IEM’s in Consultation with State Government.
  14. Recommendations for project import endorsement.
  15. Linkages of non-coking coal/coking coal and Iron Ore, rail movement to Sponge Iron & Pig Iron Units & Blast Furnace based steel plants.
  16. Recommendations for Gas Linkage for Sponge Iron Units.
  17. Recommendation for release of Liquid Petroleum Gas LPG/Neptha/Petro fuels to existing/ new units in secondary steel sector.
  18. Representation of Department’s views in different Inter-Ministerial meetings and preparation of a material for Minister/Secretary.
  19. Provide inputs for planning and development of raw material sources and infrastructural facilities and assistance to in these areas for units in the private sector. In addition, it will be the nodal point for subjects such as finance, coal and gas for the entire iron and steel and related sector.
  20. Interaction with All India Financial Institutions (AIFIs) in order to keep them apprised about developments in the iron and steel sector.
  21. Interaction with new/up-coming entrepreneurs setting up pig iron and steel plants for updated status reports on the iron and steel sector.
  22. Parliament Questions.
  23. Development of Iron &Steel Industry & Related issues.
  24. All the items of work connected with the international Cooperation in respect of all countries and also look after the work of International Trade, Commerce, Protocol etc.

KDH Section

KDH Desk deals with all matters pertaining to KIOCL Ltd.

MFH Division (As on 23.08.2017)

MFH Division deals with all matters pertaining to: -

  1. MSTC Limited.

  2. Ferro Scrap Nigam Limited (F.S.N.L.)
  3. Hindustan Steelworks Construction Limited(HSCL)

MOIL Division (As on 13.07.2017)
  1. MOIL Limited (Previously known as Manganese Ore (India) Limited, Nagpur
  2. Bird Group of Companies :
    • Eastern Investments Limited (EIL)
    • Orissa Minerals Development Company Limited (OMDC)
    • Bisra Stone Lime Company Limited (BSLC)


Parliament Cell deals with all Co-ordination work in respect of

  1. All Parliamentary matters including Questions, Answers, Assurances, Call Attention Notices, Matters raised under Rule 377 in Lok Sabha and by way of Special Mentions in Rajya Sabha.

  2. Discussions on important matters relating to Ministry of Steel including President's Address and Budgets.
  3. Laying of Papers, Annual Reports and CAG Reports etc..
  4. Discussions on Demands for grants and cut motions in Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee.
  5. Meetings of Consultative Committee attached to Ministry of Steel.
  6. Visits of Parliamentary Committees/Study Group to PSUs/Projects under Ministry of Steel.
  7. Appearance before the Parliamentary Committees.
  8. Arranging of Passes/Car Labels for Minister and all the Officers of the Ministry of Steel for entry into Parliament premises.

  1. Initial compilation of accounts of the Secretariat (Ministry of Steel).
  2. Internal Check of Cheque Drawing and non-Cheque Drawing DDOs under Ministry of Steel and Ministry of Minies.
  3. Maintenance of G.P.F. of Staff of Pay and Accounts Office (PAO) of Ministry of Steel and Development Commissoner for Iron and Steel and its regional offices. GPF records of Staff Ministry of Steel is being maintained by Cash Section.
  4. Maintenance of loan registers in respect of long terms loans granted to employees of the PAO and other non=cheque drawing DDOs except Ministry of Steel.
  5. Monthly consolidation of Accounts of the Ministry of Steel.
  6. Maintenance of registers for loan and equity sanctioned to all PSUs under the administrative control of Ministry of Steel.
  7. Payment of all personal claims of Staff of Ministry of Steel and its subordinate offices.
  8. Preparation of appropriation and Finance Accounts of the Ministry of Steel.
  9. All matters relating to issue of Pension Payment Orders and authorisation of Death-Cum-Retirement Gratuity, to the Government employees.
  10. Maintenance of registers relating to guarantee given by Government of India for PSUs under Ministry of Steel.
  11. Furnishing annual returns to Ministry of Steel regarding details of outstanding central Loans.
  12. Maintenance of records relating to CPEM introduced w.e.f. 1.01.2004.
  13. Furnishing of all accounts related returns to CGA/Ministry of Steel.
  14. Preparation of Budget Estimates in respect of Revenue Receipts (Ministry of Steel) and Expenditure Budget for Pensioners and their onward transmission to Ministry of Finance and CPAO respectively.
  15. Payment of Grant-in-aids to PSUs and maintenance of relevant records.
  16. Preparation of Budget Estimates in respect of PAO office for its onward transmission to Ministry of Steel.


In order to ensure that the provisions contained in the Manual of Office Procedure are followed, the following items of work are allocated to Internal Work Study Unit of the Ministry of Steel:

  1. Checks on delay monitoring of delays O&M Dossier. (Monthly)
  2. Annual Information Report-to be submitted to Secretary.
  3. Performance Report on compliance of Provisions of Manual of Office Procedures.
  4. Updation of Activity List.
  5. Updation of Organisation Chart.
  6. Preparation of Record Retention Schedule.
  7. Annual Inspection of Sections/Desks/Cells/Units.
  8. Implementation of Cash Award Scheme.
  9. Special Drive for Recording, Review & Weeding of old files.
  10. Fixation of Time Limit for disposal of Cases.
  11. Review of Channel of Submission & Levels of different category of Cases.
  12. To attend to the various kinds of references received from time to time from DOPT on the subject.


RM-I Section deals with all matters pertaining to: -

  1. All matters pertaining to NMDC Ltd., a Public Sector undertaking.

  2. Matters relating to iron ore policy like Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act and Export Policy of Iron ore, Manganese ore and Chrome ore etc.
  3. All matters pertaining to Manganese ore, Chromium ore and Ferro alloys.
  4. All matters pertaining to allocation of Coal blocks, coal linkage and natural gas to sponge iron units/ Steel Sector.
  5. All matters pertaining to Coal Linkage to Sponge Iron Units/ Steel Sector.
  6. All Parliament Questions/ Standing Committee/ Consultative Committee matters, Misc. matters relating to the above subjects.
  7. Reports and Returns.

  1. Company Matters:
    1. Work relating to Memorandum and Articles of Association of Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL).
    2. Annual Report of SAIL and Government review thereon.
    3. Appointment of Chairman, Functional Directors, Part Time Directors, Non-official Directors of the Board of Directors of SAIL and Managing Directors (MDs) of Steel plants under SAIL & subsidiaries.
    4. Review of the performance of Directors/Chairman and confirmation of appointments.
    5. Meeting of shareholders and Board of Directors.
  2. Personnel Matters:
    1. Revision of scales of pay of executives in SAIL and other policy matters.
    2. Foreign deputation & visits of SAIL employees.
  3. Labour & Industrial Relations: Matters relating to Labour Policy, Enforcement of Labour Laws, Industrial Relations & references from Ministry of Labour etc.
  4. Coordination:
    1. Matters relating to security of installations.
    2. Coordination in SAIL Division in various matters like compiling information required by other Divisions of Ministry of Steel, other Ministries and Action Plan.
    3. All matters relating to litigation & Committee on Disputes.
  5. Parliamentary matters relating to subjects allocated.
  6. All Audit matters pertaining to Alloy Steel Plant (ASP), Salem Steel Plant (SSP) & SAIL.
  7. International Cooperation with USA, Poland and Morocco.
  8. Miscellaneous References.
  9. VIP references, representations, personal problems of employees, complaints and misc. matters pertaining to ASP, SSP & SAIL.

  1. Steel production & Periodical Performance Reviews:

    1. Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and follow up action thereon.
    2. Review of Performance Report of SAIL.
    3. Quarterly review meetings on performance of SAIL and follow up action thereon.
  2. Bye- Products: Matters relating to bye-products including fertiliser plants, scrap etc.
  3. Finance & Budget: Matters relating to finance & accounts of SAIL.
  4. Parliamentary matters relating to subjects allocated.
  5. All Audit matters of Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) & Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL).
  6. International Cooperation with Switzerland and United Kingdom.
  7. Miscellaneous References

VIP references, representations, personal problems of employees, complaints and exclusive matters pertaining to BSP & BSL.

  1. Audit Matters-SAIL-RSP, DSP, RDCIS, CMO, Modzn of all Plants Draft Para-CAG Para-
  2. Parliament Questions/Assurances.
  3. Standing Committee matters.
  4. Matters relating to infrastructures-Coal, Railway, Port, Shipping Power.
  5. CMO/RMD, Grievances.
  6. VIP Ref, Grievances.
  7. Indo-Russion/Indo-Ukrain/Austria.
  8. Review of Projects.
  9. Diary/Dispatch/Monthly or Quarterly Return Hindi-2, IWSU-Maintenance of Guard files.
  10. PMO Ref/ Presidnet Ref.
  11. Deputation proposals-SAIL +Ministry.
  12. ICVL

  1. 1. Business & Financial Restructuring of SAIL
    i. This will include all matters pertaining to the hiving off of Alloy Steel Plant (ASP), Salem Steel Plant( SSP), Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Limited (VISL), Maharashtra Electrosmelt Limited (MEL) and other non-core units like Oxygen plants, Fertiliser plants and Power plants.

  2. 2. All matters pertaining to Bharat Refractories Limited(BRL) and merger of Nilanchal Ispat Nigam Limited(NINL) with SAIL
  3. 2. Disinvestment/modernisation of Indian Iron and Steel Co.(IISCO):
    i. All matters pertaining to the revival/modernisation/privatisation of IISCO.
    ii. Joint venture proposals.
  4. 3. Parliamentary matters relating to subjects allocated.
  5. 4. All Audit matters pertaining to IISCO, VISL, MEL, BRL.
  6. 5. International Cooperation with Germany and Sweden.
  7. 6. Miscellaneous References

VIP references, representations, personal problems of employees, complaints and exclusive matters pertaining to IISCO, VISL, BRL & MEL.

  • To oversee the work of data compilation of JPC;
  • Compilation and analysis of Statistical data of steel sector etc;
  • Analysis of the data furnished through the monthly Report on Iron & Steel by JPC;
  • Maintenance of Dashboard based on steel sector data for Ministry of Steel
  • Communicating with other Ministry/Department regarding data on Steel Sector
  • Any other work assigned from time to time;


Technical Wing has been entrusted full-fledged secretariat/administrative work in respect of various subjects of Technical nature like Research & Development (R&D, Energy & Environment Management, Standardization and Quality of Steel Products etc. Main activities dealt with are :

  1. Advisory Functions (Technical advice/ comments):
    • Planning and Development of iron & steel, ferro alloys and refractory industry as well as requirement of minerals and ores for the iron & steel sector.
    • Evaluation of proposals for setting up of new plants or modernization/ expansion programmes of PSUs, import of technology, capital goods including of Project Import Attestation etc.
    • Formulation/ amendment of Industrial Policy, Export & Import Policy (including fixing ceiling for export of restricted/ canalized items), Fiscal Policies (Customs and Excise Duties), Duty Drawback rates and WTO matters.
    • Sponsoring requirements for fuels (coal, furnace oil, LPG etc.) and other Raw Materials required by iron/steel, ferro alloys and refractory industries.
    • Mandatory Quality Control of iron & steel items.
    • Comments from technical angle for periodic review of performance of PSUs under MOS.
    • Rendering Technical Advice on several other issues .
  2. Administrative/Secretariat Functions ( including coordination work thereof) :
    • Research & Development including coordination of R&D work with other Ministries of S&T and recommendation for recognition of R&D laboratories by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research etc.
    • Appraisal of R&D proposals for grant of financial assistance from Steel Development Fund and review of on-going proposals under Empowered Committee Mechanism as well as under Govt. Budgetary support Plan Fund.
    • Fixation/Review of standard input-output norms (SION) / ad-hoc SIONs for iron and steel, ferro-alloys and refractory products under Duty Exemption Schemes and DEPB Rates under Duty Remission Schemes including co-ordination with Director General of Foreign Trade/Department of Commerce/ Department of Revenue and attending the weekly meetings for ratification of advance licenses.
    • Energy and Environment Management including Waste Management in iron & steel sector including CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) under Kyoto Protocol, NEDO (New Energy & Industrial Technology Development Organization), CCT (Clean Coal Technology), National CDM Authority in Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoE&F) {for Host Country Approval} , National Action Plan on Climate Change etc.
    • Asia Pacific Partnership on clean Development & Climate (APPCDC) issues and assisting the Steel Task Force of APPCDC as its Co-chair
    • Standardization and Quality Control of iron & steel products including representing Ministry of Steel in the Technical Committees and Division Council(s) of Bureau of Indian Standards for Formulation/ Amendment / Revision of Indian Standards.
    • Prime Minister's Trophy for best integrated steel plant including formulation/ amendment of the Scheme, constitution of the Panel of Judges and assisting in assessment of performance and presentation of the Trophy.
    • National Metallurgists' Day Awards including assessment/selection of awardees as a Member of the Awards Selection Committee.
    • Advise Inter-Ministerial Committee for enlistment of Pre Shipment Inspection Agency under Appendix 5 as per Para 2.23 of Handbook of Procedures (Vol. 1).
    • Advise AERB on technical issues on radioactive detection in metal scrap.
    • Co-ordination of matters relating to Central Boiler Board under DIPP.


Vigilance Desk deals with:

  1. Identification of sensitive areas prone to malpractices/temptation and taking preventive measures to ensure integrity/efficiency in Government functioning.

  2. Taking suitable action to achieve the targets fixed by the Department of Personnel & Training on anti-corruption measures.
  3. Scrutiny of complaints and initiation of appropriate investigation measures.
  4. Inspections and follow-up action on the same.
  5. Furnishing the comments of Ministry to the Central Vigilance Commission on the investigation reports of the Central Bureau of Investigation.
  6. Taking appropriate action in respect of departmental proceedings on the advice of the CVC or otherwise.
  7. Obtaining first and second stage advice of the CVC, wherever necessary.
  8. Obtaining advice of the Union Public Service Commission in regard to the nature and quantum of penalty to be imposed, wherever necessary.
  9. Appointment of CVOs in the PSUs in consultation with CVC and Department of Personnel & Training.
  10. Examination of complaints regarding allegations against the officials/officers of the PSUs under this Ministry for appropriate action.
  11. Maintenance & scrutiny of immovable Property Returns of Officers and Staff working in this Ministry.


VSP Desk deals with the following subjects: -

  1. All matters relating to Visakhapatnam Steel Plant of Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited; and

  2. Work relating to Joint Commissions with those countries, which are allotted to the VSP Desk under Joint Secretary in-charge.
  3. Work related to court cases concerning VSP.

  1. All matters relating to development of Information Technology/Computerisation in Ministry of Steel;
  2. Setting up & maintenance of Local Area Network (LAN) & Internet Facility (Browsing & E-mail facility) in the Ministry;
  3. Setting up of Ministry-wide Local Intranet Portal for various applications in the area of General Administration, Establishment, Tracking & monitoring of pendencies, E-submission & approvals, benefits monitoring of employees (i.e. Pay slips, GPF statements, Income tax etc.), E-lodging, approval & disposal of all types of complaints etc.
  4. Design, development and implementation of Intranet Portal based Web-enabled applications/ services in the Ministry to achieve the goal of paperless office;
  5. Design, development, hosting and regular updation of Ministry’s Official Website (;
  6. Support for compilation of Performance budget, Induction Note & Annual Report. Dissemination of Annual Report through Ministry’s Website;
  7. Conduction in-house training programmes for the Officials and staff of the Ministry on Office Automation Suits, Usage of Portal based applications/ services, LAN and Internet;
  8. Day-to-day support in trouble shooting of Computer Systems for virus, LAN, Internet & E-mail related problem. Providing dial-up based Internet facility at the residence of Senior Officials i.e. JS & above in the Ministry;
  9. Support to Ministry’s PSUs & attached Offices in the area of Network Security, Website hosting and other Information Technology related aspects as and when desired.

  1. Financial monitoring of various plan schemes.
  2. PAC/COPU work - monitoring of.
  3. To watch timely submission and vetting of replies to Audit objections, Inspection Report, Draft Audit Paras, Reports of the C&AG, Committee on Public Undertakings & Estimates Committee.
  4. Any other financial exercise of work that may be allotted to Financial Analyst.


Handling the work relating to the implementation of the Right to Information Act, 2005 in the Ministry of Steel and for monitoring its implementation in the public sector undertakings and other offices under it.