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Background & Composition

The Technical Wing which has now been renamed as Technical Division was set up in late 60’s ae per the recommendation of a committee under the Chairmanship of Shri Khadilkar, Member of Parliament. Since its inception, the Technical Wing was mainly concerned with rendering technical advice and comments on issues sought by various Officers/ Divisions/ Sections of the Ministry and the main work related to techno-economic evaluation of industrial licensing applications, foreign collaboration applications and essentiality certificate for import of capital goods, raw materials, foreign technicians etc.

In the mid/late 80’s the then Joint Secretary (Shri Pradip Baijal) and Secretary (Shri Venkatnarayanan) assigned the work related to R&D under the then Science Advisory Committee (SAC) Mechanism for grant/ review of R&D projects with Government Budgetary Support and Quality Control & Standardization under the Steel Sectoral Coordination Committee (SSCC), in view of its technical nature.

In the early 90’s, Government of India announced the Environment Protection Act thereby requiring the iron & steel plants to comply with the prescribed norms. This work under the board category of Energy & Environment Management was also assigned to Technical Wing by the then Joint Secretary (Shri Khattar) and Secretary (Shri Venkatnarayanan). After de-licensing and deregulation in 1991-92, the work on Industrial Licensing got substantially reduced but on the other hand, substantial new work relating to 1) Fixation of Input-Output Norms for allowing duty free imports under advance licensing scheme of DGFT, 2) Imports of Capital Goods under the EPCG Scheme, 3) Prime Minister’s Trophy, 4) National Metallurgist Day Awards etc. were entrusted to Technical Wing.

The Technical Division is headed by an Industrial Adviser under the overall administrative control of one of the Joint Secretary in the Ministry. Presently, under them there are one Deputy Industrial Adviser and one Assistant Industrial Adviser. Posts of Industrial Adviser, Joint Industrial Adviser and one Additional Industrial Adviser are lying vacant.

Functions :

Technical Wing is entrusted full-fledged secretariat/ administrative work in respect of various subjects of technical nature viz. Research & Development, Energy & Environment Management, Standardization & Quality Control of steel products etc. The work being dealt with by Technical Wing may be grouped under two broad categories namely, Advisory Functions and Direct (Secretariat) Functions as under:

  • ADVISORY FUNCTIONS: Rendering technical advice/comments to all officers / divisions/ sections of MoS and other Ministries:
  • Matters relating to Planning and Development of iron & steel, ferro alloys and refractory industry in India including assistance in evolving Government documents like National Steel Policy, Working Group on Iron & Steel, Working Group on S&T, Working Group on Coal etc.
  • Essentiality Certification for grant of Project Imports under CTH 98.01, for initial setting up of iron & steel projects or for substantial expansion.
  • Fo rmulation/ amendment of Industrial Policy, Export & Import Policy ,Fixing ceiling for export of restricted/ canalized items, Fiscal Policies (Customs and Excise Duties), Duty Drawback rates and WTO matters (NTBs, TBTs etc) and issue of technical clarification on EXIM Policy and other Policies..
  • Sponsoring of requirements for fuels (coal, furnace oil, Natural Gas, LPG etc.) and raw material/ inputs for the iron & steel, ferro-alloys and refractory industries in Public & Private sector units.
  • Technical assistance in assessing Techno-economic performance of iron & steel plants.
  • Technical assistance to various investigating agencies: for technical input/ requirements.

B. DIRECT/ ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTIONS: Direct disposal of issues with the approval of Competent authorities (JS/Secretary/ SM):