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Safety Guidelines for Iron & Steel Sector

Ministry of Steel is proactively working on identifying the hazards that prevails in the iron & steel making industry and measures to eliminate accidents. A Working Group comprising of experts was constituted by Ministry of Steel, with an aim to study the various safety practices followed by the iron & steel industry and evolve a comprehensive/ common minimum safety guidelines to be followed for ensuring safety to the workers/ employees engaged in the sector. A Sub Group of the Working Group comprising NISST and the Industry Associations, was also constituted for addressing the specific safety needs of the mini steel sector. The Working Group/ Sub Group after taking inputs from the steel plants and extensive deliberations & brainstorming, evolved 25 draft Safety Guidelines which are based on specific activities/ hazards. Safety Department of IIT Kharagpur, an institute par excellence, assisted in evolving these guidelines.

These 25 draft Safety Guidelines were uploaded in Ministry of Steel's website for comments of stakeholders. The stakeholders were urged to examine these and give comments. also individually approached for seeking their comments. Meetings of the stakeholders were convened by Ministry of Steel and their comments were deliberated upon. Based on these deliberations, the 25 Safety Guidelines were finalized. These 25 Safety Guidelines are given below and the iron & steel industry is encouraged to adopt these guidelines